This is in the indoor heated swimming pool, water temperature is above 22C, therefore, wet suits are forbidden. It is illegal to use calf and arm compression items or any other device that aids propulsion. Please report at the swim start at least 5 minutes before your estimated start time. Your race start time is detailed in these instructions and on the website.

Please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time to register and rack your bike in transition, it will be busy. Spectators are allowed to watch from the sidelines in the swimming pool.

You will be swimming 3 to a lane and will be called forward in race number order or as spaces become available. If you find someone in the lane is faster than you please let them pass at the lane end (you can catch them on the bike route).

Should there be space in the pool and you wish to start earlier than your allotted time, please ask the Race Director in charge of the pool and he will do his best to accommodate you.

If you are either a particularly fast or slow swimmer please advise the starters who will do their best to place you with others of similar ability.

You will be given a coloured swim hat to wear, this helps the lap counters. You will be shown a board when you have 2 laps remaining.

The BTF Race Referee will be the final arbiter in the event of a dispute concerning the number of lengths completed. Any queries should be raised after the completion of the run discipline. Such complaint to be in writing and to be submitted no later than 20 minutes after completion.

When exiting the pool you must remove the swim cap and leave it in the pool area before making you way to the exit. Transition is some way from the pool and you may wish to have suitable footwear available OUTSIDE the pool exit. No outside footwear is permitted in the pool area.



To further ensure your safety on the cycle route we have been fortunate to obtain a road closure notice on Carters Hill, Underriver, to traffic travelling in the opposing direction to the race.

You must still ride in a safe and considerate manner and be able to stop in the distance you see to be clear. Despite the road closure order traffic may still get onto the road and travel in the direction opposing the race.

During the cycle discipline you must obey the normal rules of the road and the Highway Code. Any failure to follow the instruction given by a race official, marshal or Police Officer, riding dangerously is unacceptable and will not be condoned. Exhibiting behaviour likely to bring the sport into disrepute etc. could result in injury and jeopardise future events.

Please note the mandatory BTF rule which stipulates;

Your cycle helmet must be worn and fully fastened before your bike is un-racked and must remain so until it is re-racked at the conclusion of the cycle discipline.

No HELMET – No RACE! It is your responsibility to ensure that your bike is in a roadworthy condition.

Be aware that the roads are open to the public and care should be exercised when completing the cycle discipline. The roads may have potholes due to the winter weather etc.

On the downhill section at Carter's Hill, marshals have been issued with yellow warning flags. Please note: if a yellow flag is being waved, you MUST SLOW DOWN.


Cycle Route.

Follow the direction arrows, all turns are marshalled. If in doubt go straight on!





















Route details

Leave the school sports complex by the access road and turn right onto London Road. Bear left onto Old London Road and then left onto Shipbourne Road, Care at junction, Stop Sign.

Keep on the A227 Shipbourne Road out of town, up Starvecrow Hill on through Shipbourne. Route mainly up hill to Stone Street. Turn left into High Cross Road after Plaxtol direction Stone Street, In Ivy Hatch bear left at the Plough PH and immediately left onto Stone Street Road. Keep on this road down hill to the T junction at Seal, turn left into Park Lane towards Underriver.

Continue on up hill through Godden Green past the Bucks Head PH towards Underriver. At the top of the hill, One Tree Hill Car Park, (CAUTION steep narrow winding descent, control your speed, ensure you can stop in the distance you can see to be clear) down into Underriver village.This downhill section may be slippery, please take extra care and remember to ride according to the conditions, this may not be as fast as you can descend the hill. Remember, if you have an accident, you will not get a time.

Continue on through the village past the White Rock PH and continue round sharp bends and remain on road until the junction with the B245 London Road. Turn left and proceed through Hildenborough returning to the school entrance, turn right into sports complex. The school entrance will be controlled.

If you puncture and wish to retire walk to a marshal point where a sweep vehicle will come and rescue you. Any retirements from the race at any stage must be reported to a race official as soon as possible.



The course will be the same as last year with the entire run route being within Tonbridge School grounds. It is a flat course on a grass surface for the main part.

Sprint competitors will run down to the playing field from Transition and complete two laps of the field, then complete one lap of the running track, finishing on the outside in front of the sports centre.

Standard competitors will run down to the playing field from Transition and complete four laps of the field, then complete one lap of the running track, finishing on the outside in front of the sports centre.