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Tonbridge School, Tonbridge, Kent. TN10 3AD

The event is sanctioned by the BTF and a BTF Race Referee will be in attendance.

Car parking

Please note that due to the popularity of the event, there is no competitor parking on site. Please follow the directions given by the marshals and follow the signs to designated town centre car parks.  These car parks are located at the castle and by the town swimming pool. As it is a Bank Holiday, there is no charge payable. Signs will be posted giving clear directions from arriving via the North and South end of town.

Registration is sign posted from the car parks (leading to Tonbridge School Sports Centre).

British Triathlon Competition Rules

Please take time to familiarise yourself with the rules under which this triathlon operates.


Race day registration will be in the main sports centre outside the coffee shop, and will be open from 0600 hours. At registration you will collect your race number, bike identity stickers, and safety pins.  You may use a race number belt if you wish.

Please note

The timing chip will be issued as you enter the pool, before you receive your race briefing. This chip should be fitted to your ankle.

For the duration of the event, your timing chip is your responsibility. There may be a charge levied if you fail to return your chip at the end of the event.


Race numbers should be worn so as to be visible from the rear during the cycle discipline and from the front during run discipline.

Failure to display your race number correctly could result in a time penalty.  We need to see your number to be able to give you your race time!

Body marking for the swim discipline will take place when you collect your race numbers etc. You will not be permitted into transition without revealing your body marking.

Non BTF members will have to complete a day licence form. BTF members will be requested to produce their valid licence. Failure to do so, will result in the requirement to purchase a day licence. Once registered, you may proceed to transition to rack your bike. There is a supervised cycle rack in the small car park adjacent to registration where you may leave your bike whilst registering.



No mobile phones, MP3 players, Ipods or earphones are permitted within the transition area. Access to and from transition will not be permitted without revealing your body marking.

Under BTF rules, competitors should only bring into transition what is needed - a small bag can remain, but large, bulky boxes will have to be placed in the baggage area.

It is important to be aware of those around you in transition as the race will be underway when most of you arrive. You are advised to orientate yourself and to make a note of where the entry and exit points are in transition area and listen to instruction given by officials. Athletes will be expected to adhere to BTF rules which can be found in the BTF Handbook, the website and at registration.

Starting Times

For competitors to be able to take part in the age group competition, it is necessary for competitors to start by age group and distance, i.e. oldest standard distance start first, youngest sprint distance start last. If you are late starting, you will still be able to take part, but will not be entered into your age group competition.

Medical notes

It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are fit to take part in the event and are strongly advised to read the medical notes at the end of this document.

You should record any medication that you may be taking and any medical condition that you have when entering, for the information of the first aiders and doctors

in the event of an accident or other emergency.


There are facilities at the Swimming Centre. Tonbridge Lions Club does not accept responsibility for any property lost or stolen, so please look after your own property.

Race briefing

  • A race briefing will be given at the poolside whilst waiting your turn to start.
  • Any last minute changes will be brought to your attention before the start of the swim discipline.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the layout of the school, centre, run and cycle courses.
  • You are reminded that the Race Referee's decision is final.

Medical information

On race day medical cover will be provided by S.E.Medical. An ambulance will be based at the school site and ready to respond to any incident whether within the grounds or on the cycle/run routes. Below is a reminder of medical issues you should bear in mind before and during race day.

Are you still fit to compete? Do you have a temperature?

A lot can and does happen between placing your race entry and the event itself. Entrants who are fund-raising for charity often feel under pressure to take part even if they feel unwell or unfit because of the money they hope to raise. You should never compete with a fever, as there is a risk of causing myocarditis (inflammation of the heart), which can be fatal or debilitating in the long term.

Do not compete if you feel unwell or have just been unwell. Most medical emergencies occur in people who have been unwell or have been unwell but do not wish to miss the race. If you feel feverish, have been vomiting, have had severe diarrhoea or any chest pains, or otherwise feel unwell, it is unfair or you your family and the event support staff to risk becoming a medical emergency. You are unlikely to perform well and do yourself justice.  There are other races but only one you.

If you are not fit then please withdraw from the event for your own safety.

What if I normally take medication?

Many entrants do have a history of medical problems or will be taking medications or use inhalers. This information is invaluable to the medical support staff in the unlikely event of an emergency or if you collapse. For example, knowing that you are a diabetic or asthmatic can speed the diagnosis and treatment of your problem.

Please enter your medical details on the reverse of your race number.  If you do not, it may prolong the time taken to give you the appropriate treatment.

Avoid dehydration

  • Listen to race announcements concerning the weather.
  • Start well hydrated i.e. drink 200-300 ml of fluid
  • Drink 200-300 ml every 15-20 minutes during the race
  • Water is fine for events of less than 50 minutes
  • A carbohydrate/electrolyte drink may help.
  • Re-hydrate after the race.
  • Watch for warning symptoms.
  • Slow your pace if you start to feel unwell during the race.  Seek advice early from the race marshals or medical staff if you do not improve.
  • Cramps can be an early warning of dehydration - don't ignore them.  The following can be a warnng of heat-related issues: Cramps, nausea/vomiting, diarrhoea, palpitations, exhaustion.
  • Avoid a sprint finish: A sprint to the finish line will increase the stress on your heart. Unless you're an elite athlete, then a sprint finish should be avoided.

Post-race massage

There will be a post race massage available that will be provided by a sports therapist and a  chartered physiotherapist. Physiotherapy treatment will also be available. This will help to ease your aching muscles and clear any unwanted lactic acid. There will be a charge for the ten minute massage and any required physiotherapy treatment.

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